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Key Facts About Croatia

Croatia is located in eastern Europe and has been part of the EU since 2013, Croatia uses the HRK Croatian Kuna and the leading language is Croatian. Croatia's population is roughly  4.28 million.

Croatia is not part of the Schengen zone.

You can find Croatia's telephone dialling code here.

Croatia is located in eastern Europe. Slovenia and Hungary border Croatia to the north, Bosnia & Herzegovina to the east, Montenegro to the south and the Adriatic sea borders Croatia on the west.

Important trade sectors of Croatia are wholesale, retail trade, transport, accommodation, food services, industry and public administration. EU trade accounts for 68% of Croatia's exports and imports, predominantly in Italy, Germany and Slovenia. Outside of the EU export trade is predominantly with Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia as well as imports. Croatia also import from China.

Useful links

Embassy Information for Croatia and Ireland

The Irish Embassy in Croatia is located in the capital, Zagreb.

The Croatian Embassy in Ireland is in Dublin.

World Bank - Doing Business Reports

A PDF created by World Bank for doing business with Croatia in 2019. The report includes Economy Profile, Starting a Business, Construction Permits, Getting Credit, Protecting Minor Investors, Paying Taxes, Trading Across Borders, Labour Market Regulations and more.

Croatian Ports

View Seaports of Croatia on with information on anchorage depth and types of harbours.


Croatian cities with airports and further aviation information.

Tax & VAT Information

Find out about taxes in Croatia and how to verify VAT numbers.


Croatia has multiple SME Associations, some of which are linked to SMEunited (the association of crafts and SMEs in Europe). Find out more about their SME members.

Location of Croatia