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Whether you're starting your own business, an established SME or a small business looking to expand operations and perhaps take on more employees, ISME is here to help! We provide down-to-earth, practical and well-researched advice and support, covering a wide range of business management matters including HR, Finance, Cyber Security, Brexit and much more.

How can ISME help you?

ISME, the Irish SME Association, is the only Independent representative association for small and medium enterprises and currently has in excess of 10,500 Members nationwide.

ISME CEO, Neil McDonnell

Uniquely in Ireland, ISME is independent of big business, banks and government and gives voice to the issues facing SME owner-managers. We provide: Advice & Support, Representation & Lobbying, Learning & Development & more

Advice and information for SMEs

Employment Law & HR Advice

Find up-to-date information and practical guides covering all aspects of employment law & human resources.


Explore this new section with advice on accessing government support for energy and on reducing your energy consumption.


Get information on accessing finance, revenue, procurement, pensions, insurance and more.

Health & Safety

Learn about safety, health and welfare in the workplace.

Cyber Security

Find up-to-date information and resources on Cyber Security

Data Protection & Security

Get information & access guides on GDPR and data security (available to members).

Doing Business Abroad

An online resource that can be used to help you develop new market opportunities post Brexit.


Find up-to-date information, advice and resources on preparing your business for Brexit.


It is time for Irish employers to make plans for when cases of Coronavirus are confirmed. ISME outlines some steps to help you prepare.

Starting Your Own Business

Explore our useful information on resources, support services and advice on starting a business.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

View our CSR Reports & CSR FAQs for SMEs.

SME Facts & FAQs

Find out key facts and information about SMEs.