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Welcome to ISME's Wellness Programme in partnership with laya Healthcare and Spectrum.Life

We offer an Employee Assistance Progrogramme (EAP) to support our members and their employees. We are committed to delivering the best and most appropriate, and accessible solutions along with our partners, Laya healthcare and their health and wellbeing provider, Spectrum.Life. All of their services continue to be delivered to the highest clinical standards by fully accredited, experienced professionals.


24/7 Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

We offer unlimited access for your employees & their families to a 365 freephone EAP service also accessible via website, app, or live chat.

  • 24/7 Freephone Mental Wellbeing Support
  • Up to 6 sessions of face-to-face Counselling
  • Video/telephone counselling
  • Support across finance, legal, mediation, parenting coaching, life coaching & more


Why you need an EAP in these uncertain times

EAP provides a first-line response to providing prevention, triage and short-term problem resolution services to an organisation’s team and select family members. It is also available to managers to support them through any personal issues they might have while also helping them with any unique issues they may face in their role. It can be used by an employee, a spouse/partner and any dependent over the age of 16 who is living in the same household.

  • Reduce absenteeism by 27%+
  • Reduce presenteeism by 26%+
  • Increase Life satisfaction 23%+
  • Workplace distress was decreased by 14%+
  • (2020 results from Workplace Outcome Suite Data)
What’s the cost?
  • Members up to 30 employees €500 (fixed cost per year)
  • Each subsequent employee €9 per employee per year
  • This is a discounted rate for ISME Members
Call us on 01 662  2755


Laya Healthcare and have a number of online tools to help you and your team in these unprecedented times.

Following the largest ever research ever carried out among Irish employees and HR leaders about the challenges faced during Covid-19, Laya have put together a series of HR Leader Playbooks. Free to everyone, these playbooks are designed to support HR leaders as they navigate the uncharted water that is the post Covid-19 return to the workplace and what will become the ‘new world of work’. Access their playbooks here

Supporting Employees achieve work/life balance - Watch here

Supporting Employee Mental Health & The Role of Nutrition - Watch here

Listen Back to this podcast from Dr. Eddie Murphy directed towards HR leaders and based on the Brave New Era research - Listen here

Watch an informative video with a Laya Healthcare customer who is speaking about her struggle with severe postnatal depression - Watch here

Wellbeing Live – daily classes and seminars- Available here

Advice on reducing your risk of cancer - Available here
Listen in and get Inspired 

Every week on the Real Health podcast in association with laya healthcare, personal trainer Karl Henry brings you science-backed tips and advice from leading health experts. From personal trainers and dietitians to neuroscientists and happiness experts, they give us really useful advice for the real world. Covering topics from sea swimming, CPR, top tips for motivation and building a healthy brain, there is something for everyone. Having reached over 4 million listeners, the show shares inspirational and honest stories for healthy living and tells you what you need to be doing to live healthier each and every day.

You can watch this quick video to get the lowdown from Karl and you can listen to the podcast here.

Expert Blogs and Podcasts

It's still a time of high anxiety for many. From clinical psychologists, to nutritionists and physiotherapists, we have created a series of blogs and podcasts related to Covid-19.You can choose from a variety of our blog topics here for expert advice on coping with anxiety, boosting your immune system, managing children's screen time and more.

And you can check out our podcasts on coping with self-isolation and home-working tips here.

Laya Healthcare and Spectrum Life also offer other services which include:

Seminars Choice of tailored onsite talks to create a workplace of learning, communication & collaboration

Wellness Experts 1:1 consultation, info stands, seminars across a variety of areas

Digital Content Content including videos, podcasts blogs, e-books, e-wellness and other useful resources