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ISME is dedicated to providing informed and relevant representation for its members. The Association regularly surveys its membership to ascertain their views on pertinent issues.

The Association is committed to lobbying for employers rights and for the best interests of the SME sector, and to providing small business advice to enable better business management. Survey results are analysed in detail to allow the Association to formulate policy recommendations and position papers which reflect the views and experiences of SMEs.

Q4’2022 Prompt Payments
Q3’2022 Prompt Payments
Q4′ 2022 Bank Watch Report
Q4’2022 Trends Report
Q3′ 2022 Bank Watch Report
Q3’2022 Trends Report
Q2’2022 Prompt Payments
Q4’2022 Government Satisfaction
Q2’2022 Government Satisfaction
Q1’2022 Trends Report
Q1’2022 Government Satisfaction
Q1′ 2022 Bank Watch Report