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Reduce your costs and add value to your business through the buying power of ISME.

We have negotiated preferential rates, added services and access to selected companies across a range of industries for our members.

Download the full ISME ADVANTAGE Affinity Programme programme here

Compliance & Data Protection

  • Compliance Software for SMEs


  • Business Insurance
  • Cyber Risk Insurance
  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • ISME ADVANTAGE Pension Scheme
  • ISME Group Life Insurance Cover
  • Money Transfer
  • SME Currency Risk Management
  • Ledger Management & Legal Services

HR & Recruitment:

  • Online Recruitment
  • HR & Recruitment Software

IT & Telecommunications

  • Broadband & Phone
  • IT & Cloud


  • Energy

Gift Cards:

  • Gift Card with One4All
  • Gift Card with FromMe2You

Office Products:

  • Office Products & Furniture


  • Procurement Support Services


  • Online Newspaper Subscription


  • SME Training