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In addition to the services that ISME provides to its members, the Association continually raises a range of issues pertaining to competitive business in the national media and with Government representatives. Listed below are just some of the issues on which ISME is currently campaigning for:


  • Significance Of The SME Sector In The Irish Economy : A Report Prepared for the Local Jobs Alliance – Link here
  • ISME are backing the SMERecovery.ie plan. Please sign the petition here.
  • ISME has been lobbying the government and raising concerns with the press regarding Coronavirus since early February, weeks before cases arrived here.
  • It is evident that liquidity is a huge concern for our members are we are lobbying the government to look at supports for the SMEs who are the backbone of the Irish economy.
  • ISME are pushing for easier, faster cheaper access to emergency funding for SMEs, otherwise, everyone is going to suffer.

Insurance Reform

  • We are working the Covid issue as it affects business continuity and business interruption insurance. We ask all members to check their policies now.
  • As the only independent trade association for small business, ISME is in your corner on insurance. We’re not beholden to big insurers or big law.
  • We’re fighting for lower awards, the investigation and punishment of fraud, and for reform of our Dickensian legal system.
  • We’re also lobbying government on the need to introduce a Perjury Act to reduce the number of blatantly false and exaggerated claims before the Injuries Board and the courts.

Cost of Living

  • Reducing the cost of living; ISME through its representation on various boards, advisory groups and governmental forums is lobbying Government to reduce state influenced costs in areas including education, health, transport and insurance to offset the demands for higher pay.

Tax discrimination:

  • Ending the tax discrimination suffered by the self-employed.
  • Further improvements to the Employment Investment Incentive Scheme and the Start-up Relief for Entrepreneurs scheme.
  • Get the KEEP Scheme working

Cost Competitiveness:

  • Improve Ireland’s cost competitiveness and oppose any increases in costs related to sick pay, pension costs, wage increases and mandatory PRSI increases.

Commercial Rates:

  • ISME has been lobbying all public representatives on the issue of local authority commercial rates. We’re currently lobbying for the introduction of a more fair and equitable rates revaluation system; one which is based on size and profitability of a business.

Spending on Infrastructure:

  • The state needs to prioritise the National Broadband plan, the completion of the M20 between Cork and Limerick, the rapid provision of affordable housing, and improved public transport.

Public Sector Reform:

  • Improve efficiencies and fairness within the public sector to increase value for money.

OECD Review of Indigenous Industrial Policy:

  • Long before the OECD told us that our SME policies needed updating, we told Government.
  • ISME wants to increase SME scale, employment and productivity by investing in owner manager upskilling. We believe the best way to do this is via a tax-incentivised basic diploma in business studies, similar to the one currently provided to farmers.