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Steps to take where there is no office closure:

  • The main issue within an office setting is hand-hygiene, consider placing sanitiser around the office and asking staff to use it and to maintain good hand hygiene. Also consider providing wipes for keyboard, phones, printers etc. What support will be offered to employees to prevent germs from spreading?
  • Has the company conducted a full Risk Assessment? Members can access assessments here.
  • Have the employees been briefed, and where necessary trained, on the findings of the Risk Assessment?

Employers have a duty of care for all employees under the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and must give due consideration if it is safe to ask employees to travel to work (consider public transport with a virus), or to undertake their work. It is imperative that an appropriate Risk Assessment is conducted to ensure that management makes an informed decision and that no employee’s Safety is put at risk unnecessarily. Members can access assessments here.

The Department of Health has developed social distancing graphics to help you maintain distance in your premises. You can download them for free HERE

In the event of the closure of a company:

  • Minister Humphreys announces supports for businesses impacted by COVID-19 on Wednesday 11th March 2020, read about it here.
  • How will the company communicate the situation and any updates to employees?
  • Payment:
      • Continue to pay the employee as normal or put the employee on short term lay off (contract permitting)?
      • Allow the employee to work from home – where possible? ISME Members Radius technologies have the following advice on remote working here
      • Provide them with the option of taking a day’s annual leave to cover their absence?
      • Allow the employee to make up any missed time at a later date?
  • What supports can be offered to employees adversely affected by a closure?

Where employees are present in the workplace, care should be taken to remain vigilant for any worsening conditions and cancelled/amended travel services throughout the day.

Payment information for staff is available here:

Financial support for your business is available here