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ISME’s HR Series 2022: Contracts and Handbooks


  • Understand which policies you need to update to ensure that your business is complying with recent changes to legislation 
  • Find out where to put your policies – which ones must be in your contracts of employment and which ones form part of a staff handbook 
  • Did you know that there are numerous pieces of legislation governing terms and conditions of employment? – find out how to ensure that you are compliant with all of these with two easy steps
  • Learn about the steps to follow to change terms and conditions

*  This is a recording and all information is accurate as of 27/04/2022


Your HR experts are ISME’s HR Advisor Cait Lynch, and ISME’s HR trainer, Tracy O’Brien.

Delivered via Zoom, they gave 45–50-minute presentation, hosted a Q&A thereafter.

You can also pre purchase the 10 updates for 2022 here.

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