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As part of the service that we provide to members, ISME is committed on occasion to undertaking research into topics of interest to our membership. Surveys are commonly used as a method of carrying out this research.

Collected data

Participation in these surveys is entirely voluntary.

Surveys are completed confidentially. For the most part we will not ask for any information from which you may be identifiable. If there is any reason why we require this information we will clearly state why we are asking for it, and for your permission to use it for that purpose.

Once the survey is completed all responses will be collated into a final aggregated and anonymous report.

Disclosure & Transfer

Survey Monkey operate the survey platform upon which all our surveys are completed and therefore may have access to a limited amount of your personal data.
In order to ensure the integrity of the survey, Survey Monkey are required to collect and retain IP addresses of all survey participants in order to ensure that participants complete the survey only once.


ISME has taken all reasonable efforts to safeguard your privacy.
Given that Survey Monkey operate outside the European Union, ISME has ensured that Survey Monkey is EU-US Privacy Shield certified. In addition, Survey Monkey have put in place a Security Policy to ensure your privacy is fully protected from their perspective. Information on Survey Monkey security policies can be found here.


This statement will be reviewed periodically and will be updated as necessary.