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Marketing: Winning back your customers

By Safann Mac Carthy

There is no one on the planet that hasn’t been affected by Covid-19. While the sentiment that “everyone is in this together” might have made the duration a little more palatable, now that we appear to be coming out the other side of the virus-tunnel, that sentiment is quickly turning into a desire to get back on track.

So, now that we’re all being let out of the henhouse, how do you get your customers back into your real or virtual store?

In a time where everyone is re-evaluating their priorities, you need to start by asking your customers one simple question – When they think of you, is it business as usual or is it a whole new world? Having the answer to this question ensures you remain (or become), a relevant “need to have” in the mind of any customer.

Every cloud, etc hopefully means that there are new customers now in the market that may not have needed or wanted you before the planet went into lockdown. You need to work on how you introduce yourself, leverage your loyal customer base and become a high priority to them.

We all found ourselves using various communication channels in different ways lately. Whether it’s an older generation getting set up on Zoom by family members anxious to stay in touch, or 20-somethings consuming newsfeeds like never before, it’s not just what you say, but where you say it that matters more than ever. There’s nothing like advertising on the wrong channel to waste a budget!

Spending when the economy is under pressure may seem counter-intuitive, but if the biggest cost you cut is your marketing budget then you’re simply hiding yourself away. You will be missing out on the chance to persuade customers that you deserve a share of their wallet, whether you sell to consumers or other businesses. History has proved this time and again, with the brands who stay active weathering the storm.

Nothing that I have mentioned will really come as that much of a surprise I’m sure. However, in the frenzy of actually leaving our homes and jumping back into the saddle, it could be very easy to assume the same tactics will work just because they were the winning formula before Covid-19 sent us all to our rooms. The businesses that survive and thrive will be the ones that recognise that this is the perfect time to take a breath, examine strategies and activities and make the adjustments needed for our “new normal”.

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