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Time to Counter the Spin on Insurance Costs

 ISME, the Irish SME Association, wishes to counter some of the spin that has been prevalent in the public domain over the last few months regarding insurance costs. We append a list of the most egregious spinning offences to which we will add more if they come to our attention.

Speaking today (22nd November) ISME CEO Neil McDonnell noted:

“It is being suggested, with varying degrees of subtlety, that those lobbying for lower insurance costs are anti-victim, or are seeking to deprive genuine claimants of money. This is simply untrue. PIAB data shows that most claims it receives (74%) are in respect of motor claims, and a significant proportion of these are in respect of whiplash claims. Minor whiplash does not even constitute a medical diagnosis in several of the countries studies by Justice Kearns in his Personal Injuries Commission report this year.”

ISME also notes that we are not the first group to have to fact-check pronouncements from the legal lobby. The Journal.ie carried out a fact-check in 2016.

Legal costs in personal injury claims come to at least 37% of the cost of compensation. The legal lobby has a vested interest in maintaining high awards. It is therefore imperative for the media, in particular, to fact-check statements purporting to be objective on the insurance issue.