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This land ain’t big enough for the both of us…

Martin Naughton of Glen Dimplex is undoubtedly one of Ireland’s top businessmen having built his SME up into an internationally renowned and respected giant. Martin’s first ‘export’ was from his County Louth base to a Northern Ireland customer. That’s advice he still gives to companies starting out, to use Northern Ireland as your test bed for learning how to successfully export. Once you’ve done that you can continue your expansion into the rest of the UK and beyond.

We are sooo small

With only .006% of the world’s population in the Republic it makes an awful lot of sense to look overseas to the other 99.994% – if you have goods or services that can be exported you’d be mad not to. That’s why ISME is organising a half day masterclass on exporting at the Red Cow Hotel, Dublin, on the 9th December.

Amongst the things you will learn from our panel of experts will be;

  • A short introduction to the Northern Ireland economy.
  • An overview of the key sectors, the main players in each sector and the possible opportunities for Irish SMEs in Northern Ireland.
  • How InterTradeIreland can help Irish SMEs access the Northern Irish market.


Increase your market 14 fold

After that our independent specialists will talk to about the opportunities that are available in Great Britain, home to 64 million people, compared to our 4.5 million. That’s a potential market more than 14 times bigger than Ireland. You’d hope that your chances of success could be 14 times greater on that basis. At the morning session you’ll get;

  • Overview of UK market place and opportunities for Irish companies
  • The business development spectrum from exporting to investing in the UK
  • UKTI’s role in Ireland and how we can assist Irish companies


Follow the money

And why stop your business journey, because if your business is good there’s plenty more of the world to choose from, including the Arabian Gulf Region, home to a large chunk of the world’s energy resources, and the wealth that goes with that. Our Middle East expert will advise you on;

•          Immediate opportunities

•          7 steps to market entry

•          Helping you win business

•          Types of projects that suit Irish companies

•          Overview of major projects

•          Keys to success

•          Living and working in the region – next steps


We make it easy

At ISME we know what growing businesses need because the organisation is built by those in business. Our courses are highly practical, to the point and affordable. If you have ambitions to export make sure you register here and who knows, your company may one day be as successful as Glen Dimplex.