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So you want to be Bigger, Brighter, Better?

So you want to be Bigger, Brighter, Better?

Any person in business, no matter what the size, needs training. Things change constantly in business. While you’re making your widgets or selling your skills the law, technology, HR and oh so many other areas of business keep moving on.

ISME understands the practicalities of business and business trends better than anyone else. That’s why ISME training is so tailored to your business. We respond directly to members’ requests for specific training when we’re putting together our modules.  ISME’s Essential Management Skills (EMS) programme is for you.

People are mostly promoted because they are good at what they do, they’re reliable and trustworthy. But with promotion comes extra responsibility, having to manage new, possibly unknown, areas of a business. The trouble and cost begins when managers learn ‘on the job’ which means making, often very costly, mistakes.

ISME’s EMS programme is designed to assist managers to develop their skills and knowledge, to make them more valuable to a business more rapidly. They also give the manager the recognition of his or her value to the organisation, the fact that the company is willing to invest in them improving themselves.

Just like business, the programme is wide ranging. Participants will cover areas as far apart as interpersonal skills, delegation, employment law, health and safety, basic financials, time management, strategising and reporting.

We know that time is at a premium and that’s why we have tailored the training to 8 full days spread over a number of months, plus another 2 days of one-on-one mentoring per participant. To make our course even more practical, participants are required to complete an improvement project for their business as part of this programme. A written report on the project will be assessed for the purposes of certification.

The cost is €1650 and includes lectures, mentoring and a full set of course notes.


For further information or to book, contact [email protected]. Programme starts on 9th September.