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SME calls for responsible haulage protest

In response to the protest planned today by the Irish Truckers and Haulage Association, ISME is making the following requests:

  • Do not block access to or egress from any PCR testing centre, vaccination centre or hospital.
  • Bring someone in your truck and spend at least €100 in the shops in Dublin today. You will only replace a tiny amount of the trade they have lost. If you don’t have time to shop, then buy a voucher from them.
  • Elect a spokesperson to speak for your protest to the media. People are inherently and rightly suspicious of those who hide anonymously behind social media platforms.
  • If you are requested to move on by a Garda, please do so immediately and politely.
  • Make way for our blue light services. The need of that person for whom an ambulance or fire engine has been called is more important than your protest.
  • Appreciate the fact you live in a republic where you enjoy the right of free assembly and protest under the constitution. Do not abuse that privilege.
  • The cafes and restaurants around Kildare Street and Molesworth Street and beyond have suffered the most in this pandemic and are suffering a massive loss of footfall today. They deserve your custom.  Some of them are already out of business. Call into one of the remaining ones and get a coffee and a sandwich for everyone in your vehicle.

Neil McDonnell, CEO of ISME said: “We encourage hauliers to price their haulage rates correctly. Ethical customers know that fuel prices have risen and will accept a reasonable increase in rates. Otherwise, hauliers should serve them notice. The market won’t get cheaper rates elsewhere. If haulage operators don’t have a fuel price or labour cost escalator in their haulage rates, they need to include them. ISME runs courses which helps hauliers and other service providers to price their services properly.”


Issued for ISME by Heneghan

For information

Neil McDonnell/ISME – (087) 299 5658

Nigel Heneghan – (086) 258 7206