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SmartOps – How smart is your operation?

You’re burnt out. You don’t have the time to get your job done. There’s no time to think. You spend too much time searching for data that’s there, that you just can’t find. You’re thinking of moving on…

Meet your typical worker in Ireland!

It might sound shocking, but the pace of work in Ireland is vastly outpacing our ability to keep up. Recent research* of the working community in Ireland has revealed almost half of Irish workers feel burned out in their job with ever-increasing to-do lists and an overwhelming weight of work. We spend too much time reading and responding to emails, reactive conversations on chat software and a chunk of our valuable time in physical or online meetings.

Our general busyness means more critical creative, innovative and focused work gets neglected. This is to the detriment of workplace productivity, goal attainment, individual and team morale, work-life balance and – in a full employment economy – unnecessary, painful, and expensive staff attrition.

• 42% of employees say they spend too much time searching for the right data
• 50% of workers in Ireland say they don’t have enough focus time and feel burnt out
• 55% of workers don’t have enough time to complete their work
• 56% are considering changing their jobs in 2023, up from 38% in 2022
• 35% feel they are in too many meetings
• 60% of our time is spent on ‘communication’ activities as opposed value-add ‘creative’ time

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

We have smarter tools, technologies and ways of working than ever before. It has never been easier to source and manage data and information. Our ability to drive our productivity and that of our teams and employees is in our hands – and its proven to also help eliminate staff burn out and disengagement.

That’s why we’re asking the question, “How smart is your operation?”. Join our team of experts, and special guest speakers as we explore how simple strategies in people, processes and technology are propelling smart organisations ahead.

SmartOps takes place in Dundalk Museum on Thursday 5th October 2023. Registration, refreshments and networking from 5.30pm. Pre-registration is required. Please RSVP your seat at info@cuskensyncit.ie.

*The Work Trend Index 2023 surveyed 700 workers from across Ireland to gain insights into their experiences and their expectations. Conducted by Amárach Research for Microsoft Ireland you can find the full report here. https://pulse.microsoft.com/en-ie/work-productivity-en-ie/na/fa2-microsoft-ireland-work-trend-index-2023/