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Q4’19 Business Trends Report

The results of the ISME Quarterly Business Trends Survey for Q4’19 are released today with 4 out of 14 confidence indicators showing declines. Business Confidence took a sharp upward turn, increasing by 39% in this quarter, something which is mirrored by increases in employment trends. The three predominant SME concerns for this quarter were reported as Brexit at 55%, economic uncertainty at 40% and insurance costs at 37%.

The Trends Report also captures data on employee pay, broadband services and business and motor insurance costs in the SME sector. The report notes the continued rise in insurance premiums and the latest pay expectations in the SME sector.

  • Business Confidence rises from -26% to 13%.
  • 64% of businesses expect to increase wage rates of employees
  • 83% of businesses report an increase to their motor insurance
  • 79% and 75% report an increase in their Public Liability and Employer Liability Insurance, respectively.