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Q3’20 Business Trends Report

Report Date : Q3 2020

This survey was conducted in the first week of September 2020 with 203 SME respondents.

  • The Q3’20 Business Trends Quarterly survey showed 9 out of 14 confidence indicators yielding declining results, a direct replica of the Q2’2020 results.
  • 25% of SMEs consider Insurance one of their immediate biggest concerns.

    67% of respondents reported an increase to their premiums, up from 65% in
    Q2’20. Economic Uncertainty now 76%, down from 83%
    in Q’20

    Brexit is 50% up from 43% in Q2’20 and
    up even further from 29% in Q1’20. Brexit remains a significant concern with 57% of respondents stating that it would have a negative impact on their bottom line. Just 3% of respondents said Brexit will have a positive impact on their business.

    Reduced Orders which jumped to 47% in
    Q2, it is now at 43% in Q3’20

  • 3% of those surveyed are very
    satisfied with the government’s performance, 42% are satisfied, 39% are not
    satisfied or dissatisfied and 16% are very dissatisfied