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Q2’21 Trends Report

The Q2’21 Business Trends Quarterly survey showed 13 out of 14 confidence indicators yielding declining results, increasing by eight from the previous quarter.

  • BREXIT Uncertainty dropped by a further 4 percent to 38%. Business Confidence rose massively again this quarter, increasing by 43%, bringing the Q2 total to 49%, compared to -6% in Q1. This continues to align with Economic Uncertainty, which dropped by a further 18% this quarter.
  • There was another significant rise in Business Expectations, which rose from 36% in Q1 to 48% this quarter, rising by 12%. The Business Environment confidence indicator changed completely, going from -38% to 29%, while Profitability Expectations increased by 23%. The continued recovery of these trends since their initial lows in Q1’2020 cannot be overstated.
  • The Current Employment confidence indictor increased by 28%, while Future Employment increased by a further 16%, from 19% to 35%.
  • Current Sales have increased from -46% to 14%, while Sales Expectations have shown further recovery, increasing from 28% to 54%.
  • Current Investment rose by 17% this quarter, while Future Investment grew by another 12%.
  • Current Exports rose by 5% and remains the only negative overall confidence indicator this quarter. Export Expectations also increased by 17%.
  • Economic uncertainty concerns remain high, but have dropped significantly from 62% to 44%, remaining below initial Q1 2020 levels. Brexit concerns remains a significant concern at 38% but continues to drop steadily.
  • Read the full report below or download here.