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Human Resource practices in the SME sector 2018

Report Date : 2018

In late 2018 ISME reached out to its members to invite them to take part in the organisation’s first national survey of Human Resource practices in the SME sector.

The goal of the survey was to gain a greater understanding of some of the things that make our members unique while also identifying some of the common challenges that they face in the modern business environment.

As you will see below there is some unique information that is specific to the SME sector, particularly in relation to Compensation and Benefits. Aside from the functional information, there is some important insights to opportunities available to SMEs.

In an ever-changing market that is becoming more and more competitive it is crucial that organisations seek out every commercial advantage and the findings of this survey outline a wide range of opportunities in the field of people management that can provide a unique opportunity for organisation.

If you would like to discuss any of the findings further, please contact the HR team on 01-6622-755 or at [email protected].

The team at ISME would like to thank all who partook in this year’s survey and we hope to hear from you again in early 2020.