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October Coverage

Sick Pay

Employers’ PRSI is low by comparison with European norms. But our social insurance system doesn’t work as a social insurance system. It works as a tax system.
And while employers pay 11% into the fund uncapped, the benefits from that are all fixed. The high social benefits make it “very hard, very expensive” to employ people.

  • Irish Examiner | 24th October – Read here

Pension Reform

ISME and Brokers Ireland have written to Ministers outlining measures that, it would remove “pensions discrimination against the self-employed and private sector workers.

Neil McDonnell, chief executive of small firms group ISME, said delays in repairing the pension system were costing the State €200m every year and forcing higher taxes on young people.

  • Irish Independent | 9th October – Read here

Insurance Reform

ISME said the significant fall in awards reported by the PIAB should result in immediate reductions in insurance premiums. Central Bank figures analysed by the Alliance for Insurance Reform this year show that damages make up 40pc of the cost of premiums. This meant a reduction in awards of 40pc should result in a fall in premiums of 16pc.

  • Irish Independent | 15th October – Read here


ISME says the Government cannot react to every shift in Covid-19 case numbers. The business group believes the easing of restrictions on October 22nd should proceed as planned. They argue that ICU numbers should be the parameter for any change in Government advice in tackling the disease. ISME CEO Neil McDonnell told Midwest News that the reopening should proceed with other preventative measures, if needed.

So, what does this mean for businesses, brides, clubbers, and diners? To discuss further Pat was joined on the show by Sara Kennedy  founder of The Irish Wedding Blog, Buzz O’NeillEvent Manager and Promoter, Dave Browne Singer Picture House and Neil McDonnell from ISME.

ISME is urging the Government to push ahead with the planned re-opening, saying it can’t react to every shift in case numbers. Neil McDonnell insists that we have to learn to live with the virus.

Bank Holiday & Bonus Pay

ISME CEO Says Government Needs To Scrap Extra Bank Holiday Plan

  • Hospitality Ireland | 6th October – Read here

The Government needs to scrap its plan for frontline pandemic bonus payments and a new bank holiday because it will burden future generations with increased debt, CEO of the Irish Small and Medium Business Association Neil McDonnell has said.

Budget 2022

  • The Irish Examiner | October 12th – Read here
  • ISME CEO Neil McDonnell appeared on the Budget22 coverage on RTE