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Breakout Session 1, in the foyer:

The Talent Workshop – 5 actions you can take now to help win the battle for talent:

Claes Peyron

Claes Peyron is Managing Director of Universum and their Employment Branding Academy. Universum is a global leader in Employer Branding delivering critical talent market insights and winning brand strategies.

Claes is an International leader and true believer in talent, who has a strong focus on creating and seeing marketing and sales strategies through.

Breakout Session 2 in the foyer:

Digital transformation - empower people, redefine purpose:

Justin Smal

Justin Smal is the CEO and Head of Professional Services at Monread CRM, a leading CRM consultancy in Ireland & the UK and a Zoho Premium Partner. Justin is a driven, personable, business savvy senior-level technology leader with an international background in CRM.

He has a proven ability to facilitate growth by delivering holistic CRM strategies & technological solutions based on over 25 years experience in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service & Finance.

Breakout Session 3, on the Mainstage: Brexit Panel Discussion


David Davin Power

David Davin Power is an independent commentator and broadcaster, formerly one of RTE’s most prominent correspondents. As Northern Editor he covered the end of the Troubles, the IRA ceasefires and the Good Friday Agreement.

As senior Political correspondent in Dublin he covered the crash and the recovery, and the social transformation of Ireland throughout that period.

Brexit Discussion Panel:

Dr Karen Devine

Karen is a Lecturer in International Relations Dublin City University (DCU). She has worked in universities in the UK and Ireland for the past 17 years as well as several years in the research industry and banking sector. Karen is a regular contributor to the media in Ireland and abroad.

She has published a series of public service articles on Irish Foreign Policy and appeared on current affairs television programmes.

Shanker Singham

Shanker Singham is a UK and US citizen and one of the world's leading trade and competition lawyers, a recognized author and adviser to governments and companies. He has worked on trade, competition and regulatory issues in fifty countries around the world.

Shanker is CEO of Competere Ltd., a company focused on promoting international trade and competition policy throughout the world.

Lisa Chambers

Lisa Chambers is a Fianna Fáil TD from Mayo and the party’s spokesperson on Brexit. She is a qualified barrister and holds a degree in Commerce and Law and Masters in Commercial Law.

She is a member of the Irish parliamentary delegation to the OSCEPA and sits on the Oireachtas Budgetary Oversight Committee.

Dr Alasdair McDonnell

Alasdair lives in the South Belfast, a constituency which he has served as an MP since 2005. He was elected to Belfast City Council in 1977 where he served as a local Councillor. During his time as a Councillor he was also elected as Deputy Mayor of Belfast, 1995 - 1996. In 1998 he became a Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

In 2005 he made history by becoming the first ever Nationalist candidate to be elected as a Member of Parliament for South Belfast. He has been a member of the Westminster based Northern Ireland Select Affairs Committee. He served as the Party Leader for the SDPL from 2011 - 2015.

Dolores J Cahill

Dolores J. Cahill is a Professor of Translational Science at UCD and Chairwoman of the Irish Freedom Party. Her research and innovation areas are proteomics, protein arrays, biomarker discovery and validation. Dolores co-founded a Max-Planck-Institute spin-out, Protagen AG.

She advises on Science and Innovation as member Ireland’s Advisory Science Council; European Commission Seconded National Expert and Vice-Chair IMI Scientific Committee.

Breakout Session 4, in the foyer:

Workplace Relations Commission – Adjudication, Mediation and Inspection Services - An Overview

James Kelly

James Kelly is an Assistant Principal Officer with the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation. He took up a position in the WRC as an Adjudication Officer and Mediator in June 2017.

James had previously worked with the Equality Tribunal. He is currently based in the South East region.

John Kelly

John Kelly is an Assistant Principal Officer with the Inspection Service of the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC). John's responsibilities include employment permits, employment issues for migrant workers and the domestic work sector.

He also represents the WRC on inter-departmental structures dealing with Human Trafficking for Forced Labour and has been an Irish delegate to International Labour Conference of the I.L.O.