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Money, the root of all enterprise

Anyone in business, the lady at reception or the man in the post-room, knows that you can’t have a business without money and you can’t have jobs without businesses. However, this self-evident truth, this fact of facts, has fallen on deaf ears in both the banks and more importantly with the government that controls some of the banks and that has a substantial shareholding in others.

Access to finance in business is improving very, very slowly and only from pitiful levels. The numbers are also distorted by the skew banks have towards larger enterprises and away from smaller SMEs. Yet again ISME cannot understand Government policy when it has shown time and time again that it’s SMEs that will create the jobs that will guarantee we get back towards full employment. The maths are easy. There are over 200,000 enterprises in the SME sector, with a total employment of 890,000 people. They need finance. They are beginning to grow but could grow so much faster if they just had working capital.

Side-step the banks.

Yet again ISME is stepping in where the Government has failed business. From June 11th to July 2nd we are bringing ten alternative sources of finance, organisations like Microfinance Ireland, Grid Finance, Linked Finance, Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland and the Irish Pro-Share Association, to meet with businesses across the country. They’re going to show entrepreneurs how they can side-step the banks altogether with some innovative thinking when it comes to raising capital. These are really solid sources of cash, many of these solutions have emerged directly because of the banking collapse that destroyed our economy.

We’ll be at the following venues,

  • 11th June – Red Cow Moran Hotel, Dublin 6-9pm
  • 16th June – Hotel Kilkenny, Kilkenny 9.30-12.30pm
  • 16th June – Silversprings Hotel, Cork 6-9pm
  • 17th June – The Strand Hotel, Limerick 6-9pm
  • 23rd June – The Clarion Hotel, Sligo 6-9pm
  • 24th June – The Crowne Plaza, Dundalk 6-9pm
  • 1st July – Connacht Hotel, Galway 6-9pm
  • 2nd July – Crowne Plaza, Dublin (Northwood)6-9pm

ISME would love to see the quasi-monopoly of the banks destroyed and we really want to encourage businesses to come to these events – there is an alternative and you could find easier, less onerous and cheaper money in places and from organisations that you may not have heard of – until now.

Demand is already building and space is limited at these FREE eventsso you must book here