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As you may be aware there is an upcoming change to employment legislation called the Miscellaneous Provisions Act. This change will be introduced in the first week of March 2019 and a number of key employment Acts will be amended as a result:

  • The Minimum Terms of Employment Act
  • The Organisation of Working Time Act
  • The National Minimum Wage Act
  • The Unfair Dismissals Act

The main areas that will change are:

  • The requirement for a document to be issued to verify specific employment terms in the first five days of employment
  • By employee request, casual employees should be allocated to a specific band of hours per week
  • Zero hour contracts are now restricted
  • There are significant penalties for employers if employees are penalised for requesting support

ISME held a webinar on the upcoming changes. Members can watch it back here. 

You can also use the attached documentation to assist you in managing the changes:

If you have any questions about this or any other HR matter, please contact ISME’s HR department for assistance on hr@isme.ie or call 01 662 2 755.