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Message from ISME CEO on upcoming EGM

Dear Member,

As I notified you on 18th December last, ISME will hold an Extraordinary General Meeting on the afternoon of Tuesday 26th January in order to vote on an administrative amendment to the ISME Constitution of 1999, as amended in 2006. This copy of the Constitution is attached.

The National Council of ISME, which sits until May 2021, is working towards a comprehensive update of the existing Constitution. In order to ensure that arrangements to amend our Constitution are not invalidated because of the difficulties imposed upon us by the Covid-19 pandemic, the National Council proposes an administrative amendment to Section 1 “Interpretation” of the Constitution by the insertion of two clauses as follows:

1.14    References to “notice” “postal” “vote” “ballot” “voting” or “writing” in this Constitution shall include any such correspondence received by or sent to ISME; by registered mail, standard mail, recorded delivery mail, or electronic mail.

1.15    “Meetings” of the Association may be held electronically, at the absolute discretion of the National Council.

The motion paper for this amendment is attached. You will be asked to approve of this amendment at the EGM per clause 18.1 of the ISME Constitution. If you wish to (virtually) attend this EGM, please email us at [email protected] to confirm you will attend, giving us an email address to which to send your invitation.


EGM MOTION 26.01.21