The Exit interview is the company's final opportunity to gather crucial information from employees about why they have decided to look for work elsewhere. This gives valuable insight into actions that management can take to improve conditions and increase retention of employees.

Transfer of Undertaking, Protection of Employment (TUPE)

TUPE legislation is designed to protect the employment status of employees during business acquisitions.


Redundancy is a mechanism that is available to managers where roles are no longer viable within a company. It is crucial to remember that only a role / position can become redundant and not a person.
This template can be used in situations where employers wish to communicate to employees that they expect people to be made redundant/temporarily laid off/moved to short time unless there is a change in circumstances, however it is only used in the context of providing information to employees to alert them to the prospect of a change and is not a legal protection. Should an employer opt to implement one of the above options written notice of same should be issued in writing to each employee.


Retirement is the natural conclusion of the contract of employment. Prior to enacting the Retirement clause it is crucial that the company identify “objective justification” in their decision.