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Maureen McCowen

Communications Skills Courses — Soft Skill SuccessMaureen McCowen of Soft Skill Success provides communication and presentation skills training that helps business professionals unlock their speaking confidence. 1:1, group training and bespoke in-company training available. Maureen has seen how fear of speaking in public has held people back in their business and in their career. Her vision is that speaking moves from a common fear to a core asset for every learner. Her tagline is “Unlock Speaking Confidence”. She believe that confidence can be tapped into, and can be unlocked by surrounding ourselves with the right people. People who support, encourage and recognise our achievements.

Master your Pitch – learning how to present and promote your products or services at networking events. Also learning how to pitch to investors for finances – pitching to clients too.

Own the Room – learning how to handle yourself in a team or board meeting – presenting your view with clarity and confidence.

Engage on Stage – covering all the skills needed to present successfully at in-person and virtual conferences – everything from preparation to performance.

Find out more about Maureen at www.softskillsuccess.ie