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Isolation under the spotlight with a Night with the Ghosts on Spike Island!

AsIAm are putting the isolation experienced by the autism community under the spotlight with their Night with the Ghosts event, on Spike Island , Friday the 10th November. This event not only highlights the isolation felt by the community but is also an important fundraiser for AsIAm, Irelands Autism Charity.
AsIAm’s Night with the Ghosts, is a night where they will spend one night on Spike Island, away from families and loved ones . This highlight’s the current lives of many autism community members. It also reflects past members who may well have been were incarcerated on Spike Island just for being different (for being themselves) and deported to foreign lands.
At the launch , Dick White, Fundraising Manager with AsIAm said “Some people indeed may never have left the island and are buried there , but the location captures the sense and feeling of isolation that many autistic people and their families currently feel living in the shade and shadow of life.”
AsIAm’s annual Attitudes to Autism survey taken in April 2023 reveals the stark realities faced by the autism community:
• 90% believe the Irish public doesn’t understand enough about Autism.
• 91% feel that being autistic is a barrier to acceptance and making friends.
• 39% don’t feel safe in their communities.
• 38% have experienced discrimination based on their autism in the past year.
• 86% believe they don’t have the same opportunities in Irish society.
• 83% feel compelled to mask or change themselves to fit in.
• 61% don’t believe the education system is inclusive based on their experiences.
• 75% don’t believe the health system is inclusive.
• 78% don’t believe the social protection system is inclusive.

Speaking at the launch on Spike Island, Dick White stated “In many ways our Night with the Ghosts will be a poignant reminder that while on the Island – we will be in touching distance of mainland! We can see it, but unable to be part of it.
Dick White, Fundraising Manager continued “This is an essential fundraiser to support the work of AsIAm as we strive to ensure the Same Chance for all autistic people. With 75cent of every euro spent by AsIAm having to be fundraised this event is an important one in the calendar for our charity. We are delighted to have the support of Spike Island with this initiative”.
How can people get involved to support AsIAm?
For more information contact [email protected] or 086 4405031
Register on https://asiam.ie/a-night-with-the-ghosts/