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ISME Launches Alternative Insurance Undertakings

On the 18th and 19th of February, ISME, the Irish SME Association and Ireland’s only independent representative association for Small and Medium Enterprises, issued an invitation to its members and other SMEs to indicate their interest in joining one of two industry-specific insurance undertakings. The first insurance scheme is pertinent to companies in the Equine sector, and the second to business in the Activity and Adventure Centre sector.

Insurance is a key area of concern for ISME, since most SMEs cannot trade without it. More and more Irish businesses have been struggling over the last few years to get affordable insurance, and as such, we’ve been working and lobbying aggressively for legislative reform in that area and alternative solutions. The aim is to greatly increase the penetration of non-life captive insurance in Ireland, not just to make it more affordable for SMEs, but to counter the flight of underwriters from the Irish market.

As a result, in July 2020, ISME sought Expressions of Interest (EOI) from underwriters, insurance brokers and allied professionals to assist its members in forming one or more captive insurance or other comparable solution. O’Leary Insurances was subsequently chosen. In addition, ISME member, Sluamor Ltd, was asked to collate and share the EOIs with O’Leary Insurances on ISME’s behalf. O’Leary Insurances will subsequently be responsible for liaising with insurers to negotiate more favourable terms for the relevant SMEs.

All queries should be directed through Sluamor.com. Queries directed to ISME or O’Leary Insurances staff members will be redirected back to this site. Irish SMEs in the Equine Sector interested in responding to the EOI can find it here. Irish SMEs in the Activity and Adventure Centre Sector interested in responding to the EOI can find it here.

Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from ISME members and any other interested companies, and any queries, are to be submitted via the Sluamor.com platform.


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