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ISME launched its ‘Fair Book of Quantum’ at 2 pm on Thursday 23rd January. The Personal Injuries Commission (PIC), chaired by Mr. Justice Nicholas Kearns, issued its final report in July 2018. The PIC included representatives of the Law Society, the Bar Council, and the insurance industry among its members. In its unanimously agreed conclusions, the PIC found that the level of general damages for soft-tissue (‘whiplash’) injuries in Ireland runs at a multiple of 4.4 times that of our nearest neighbours England and Wales.

The ‘Fair Book of Quantum’ shows people what reasonable and fair general damages would look like in Ireland if the values in the Book of Quantum were recalibrated to more realistic levels. Using the 4.4 times multiple noted by the PIC as a benchmark adjustment factor, ISME has revised the range values in the 2016 Book of Quantum using the following convention for most awards:

Minor injuries                              Discounted by 80%

Moderate injuries                        Discounted by 75%

Moderately Severe injuries          Discounted by 65%

Severe and Permanent injuries    Not Discounted

Read or download the book in full here: