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Introducing Tax GO

Introducing two unique apps to help your business.


Imagine being able to manage your accounting, taxes, payroll, and retail all from a single platform and using a single device?

How about starting and running a business without any expensive equipment using only your phone?

Here’s some good news, with Tax GO and Retail Xpress you can do all that and more!

Tax GO solutions are here to solve all your business problems and help you manage your business on the GO. Our all-in-one platform enables you to set up a business in five minutes or less, receive card or cash payments, issue invoices, generate reports, and more.

We have two unique apps:

Tax GO accounting software makes managing your accounts and paying taxes child’s play. You can manage your contacts, generate reports, and keep track of your customers or suppliers.
With our tax calculator, you receive instant tax estimates, so no need to waste your time and money. Our certified accountants then carefully go through it to make sure everything is factored in. Tax GO makes sure that you pay exactly what you owe: no more and no less. What’s more, we even help you stay up to date with the latest tax news and regulations that might affect you.

Retail Xpress replaces the standard equipment such as POS machine, card reader, and scanner. That means you don’t need to spend thousands of Euros on equipment and high maintenance fees. All you need is your smartphone, download our app and set up a retail shop within minutes. Make sales and receive card or cash payments on the go. Invoices are created instantly and can be printed or emailed to customers.

Tax GO and Retail Xpress are globally accessible so you can manage your business from anywhere in the world. And we are there to guide through everything you 24/7.