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‘I think I’ll be an entrepreneur today’

‘I think I’ll be an entrepreneur today’

Tuesday 13th Jan 2015

Few if anyone wakes up in the morning and says ‘I think I’ll become an entrepreneur today’. What’s more likely is that you have a business idea, or economic circumstances are such that find yourself setting up your own business. Whichever way it happens, welcome to our club!

What you will now find is that you are amongst your own people. Only the ignorant and the media imagine that entrepreneurs try to eat each other, that it’s dog eat dog and that your life is spent trying to keep other businesses or entrepreneurs from taking away your livelihood. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

You will find that others in business will help you hugely. What you also may not know is that as well as lobbying on behalf of smaller enterprises, ISME is also part of the support ecosystem for start-up and early stage businesses. Being in business is a never ending learning curve and at ISME we continuously provide both advice and training.

We’re just about to start a new series of our ever popular (and free!) ‘Briefing Sessions’. You’ll find the agenda and locations here

A bit like playing a game, golf, GAA, you need to know what the weather conditions are like. Similarly in business, you need to know about the economic headwinds, the black clouds of rising interest rates and the sunshine of a growing economy – all, so that you can plan your business sensibly. Jim Power is well known economist and media commentator and he’s joining us for our sessions. He always has an interesting take on the economic outlook and what it means for SMEs.

You won’t stay in business unless you know your employment law covering areas like recruitment, retention, absenteeism, maternity and parental leave. ISME CEO Mark Fielding cuts to the chase in telling you what to look out for in employment law during 2015.

This year, like every year, should be a ‘LEAN’ year in business. No, we’re not expecting the return of the dreaded recession but we will be telling you about how to keep your business lean. Companies that are ‘lean’ have, on average, increased productivity by €37,000 per employee (based on sales per employee). On that basis, there’s no room for fat.

This is just a flavour of what you will learn during our free three hour sessions. Better still you’ll be in the company of many other entrepreneurs or business owners – people just like you, people with problems just like you, people who have solved problems just like yours. It is a great place to be and a great place to network.
And did we mention, it’s FREE! Book now to make sure you’re in. You know you owe it to your business.