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Homer Simpson’s comment on today’s NCA report – ‘D’oh!’

There was a time when we thought that the role of government was to ensure the rule of law, run the economy and, as things evolved, make sure we had the highest standards of health and education. But then the world went crazy and government got all pervasive. While it was failing to run the economy, the health service or maintain educational standards they did manage to invent quangos – quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation, organisations to which a government has devolved power.

Today we learnt, courtesy of one of these quangos, the National Consumer Agency (NCA), that consumers can make an average saving of €264 on the cost of their home insurance by getting a number of quotes before purchasing. As that well known financial analyst Homer Simpson would say ‘D’oh!’

Without spending any public money Google’s first three entries under ‘compare household insurance’ gave us, in 0.34 seconds (there were 5,150,000 results), comparison tables from Chill, Topquote and NoNonsense. And while the relevant Government Minister who oversees this body is probably basking in today’s sun and the reflected glory of a ‘job well done’ fixing something that is not broken, small businesses, the only thing that really keeps this country turning over, are still living in a working capital drought. But there are no cheap populist headlines in fixing this real problem.

A further nonsense (rather than NoNonsense) is that the comparisons given by the NCA is meaningless for the 9,000 plus ISME members as they can benefit from (member only) home insurance discounts. So ‘comparisons’ as the old English teacher would have said, ‘are odious’. Almost as odious as the State (or more correctly our taxes) financing what the private sector has already done for free and better.
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