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Return to Work Plan
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Sample Absence Policy
While we recognise that sometimes absence is unavoidable within the workplace, attendance at work remains an essential condition of the contract of employment. The overall aim of this policy is to promote expected standards of attendance within the workplace and...
Managing Long-Term Absence
The below section outlines how you should you manage an employee who has been absent on sick leave for an extended period of time:
Managing Sickness Absence
Absence management is arguably one of the greatest challenges for any employer due to its sensitive nature, however, it is an essential area of people management that requires a consistent process to be applied. Successful absence management is reliant on...
Attendance at work is an essential condition of an employee's contract. Therefore, whilst some absence, other than statutory entitlements, may arise, where a clear pattern develops, casual or long term, certified or uncertified, an employer is entitled to review that...