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Go Green this Black Friday

An initiative that aims to combat Black Friday mass consumerism, by supporting small independent Irish businesses. “Green Friday” aims to connect local businesses throughout Ireland on one of the busiest shopping weeks in the year, so that they can work together and support each other and possibly look at novel ways of attracting the thousands of shoppers that make Christmas purchases on Black Friday.

The people behind the movement, Wild Design Collective, say their goal is to mobilize the people of Ireland to work towards a stronger, more stable local economy so that communities can thrive in a more sustainable way. It also raises awareness around collective community climate action encouraging communities to come together in a wholesome supportive way, putting local small businesses at the heart of this positive shift.

The Green Friday initiative is encouraging local businesses to come together to organise events, while also asking consumers to reconsider their purchases this Christmas and,where possible, to shop local. You can join the movement by following their campaign on social media where they have been promoting Green Friday events all around the country and by showing your love for local during the Green Friday Ireland weekend.

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