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Fantasy Election Manifesto

12th February 2016,

Dear elector,

I am asking for your vote.

As a country we still owe €200 thousand million (200 billion) the equivalent of 97% of our GDP and we have massive crises in all of the following areas;

1. Health services and value for money.
2. Pensions for our ageing population.
3. Basic drinking water provision and infrastructure.
4. Flood defences.
5. Policing and law and order.
6. The housing market, owners, renters and social housing.
7. Public services value for money.
8. Long-term unemployed.
9. Education at all levels.
10. Road repairs and maintenance.
11. National Broadband.
12. And on and on and …..

Therefore we have decided to leave Taxation levels at the same as they are right now and keep the same number of workers in the tax net. We will retain the property tax and water charges will be changed to a ‘pay as you use’ process.

We will only spend extra money on infrastructure and public services when we can see value for money and public sector pay will be agreed by an independent public sector pay commission.

As a result of this we will be in a position to reduce our sovereign debt of €200 billion quickly, so that we can run our country in a proper and sustainable manner.

Your alternative is to believe the promises of all the political parties.