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Covid Conferencing

Some tips from the experts on managing conference calls as Members around Ireland begin to work remotely:

To maximise computer and teleconference performance:

  • Position your internet router as far as possible from other devices that may interfere with the signal, such as on a table or shelf rather than the floor
  • Keep your router switched on
  • If you’re carrying out video calls or meetings, turning the video off and using audio only will require much less of your bandwidth
  • Try starting those calls at less common times, rather than on the hour or half hour
  • For the best broadband speeds, use an ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to your router rather than using wi-fi
  • Where possible, try not to use a telephone extension lead, as these can cause interference which could lower your speed
  • Devices that can interfere with router signals include: cordless phones, baby monitors, halogen lamps, dimmer switches, stereos and computer speakers, TVs and monitors
  • Disconnect wifi-enabled devices that are not currently in use or are superfluous, e.g. tablets, smartphones, fridges

 Where phone use is sufficient:

  • If using mobile at home, try using your settings to turn on wi-fi calling
  • You can also make voice calls over the internet using apps like Facetime, Skype or WhatsApp
  • Make calls on a landline where possible, as there is increased demand on mobile networks

When on the teleconference or conference call:

  • Have an agenda; the call manager or presenter must keep everyone to it
  • Remove all other devices from the vicinity, especially keypads
  • Mute your speaker until you need to speak
  • Don’t fidget, drum, or attempt to mow the lawn
  • Even if you’re not speaking, that camera is turned on!
  • Speak slightly more slowly than usual, speak clearly, and allow for lag on the connection
  • Make it audibly clear when you are finished speaking: Avoid the high rising terminal (HRT), (also known as upspeak, uptalk, rising inflection, high rising intonation (HRI) or upward inflection) as you would Covid19, as it impossible for others to know if you are finished speaking, or if you are asking a question