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Paul McMahon, McMahon Legal

Paul McMahon is a practising solicitor with over 25 years’ experience in the practice of law in Ireland. He is a practising Chartered Tax Adviser. He also practised as an England and Wales solicitor law in Ireland for many years.

Paul has practised as a solicitor and legal adviser in a range of areas including corporate and commercial law, employment, trade, property development, trusts and estate planning, litigation, banking and taxation. He has advised on and acted in transactions and cases for clients in range of business sectors. Samples of transactions and cases in which Paul has acted are set out in the sections which deal with our services.

Paul McMahon is admitted as a solicitor in Ireland, in Northern Ireland and in England and Wales. He is a Chartered Tax adviser and a Qualified Financial Adviser. He has qualifications in banking, finance and compliance.

Paul has written all the content of the Irish Legal Guide, which is a unique wide-ranging guide to Irish Law. It is an in-depth summary of almost all areas of Irish law, regulation and practice. In addition, the guide also contains the original legislation, sample case law and other legal materials relevant to each area of law concerned.

The parts of Irish Legal Guide dealing with the legal issues that arise for businesses in Ireland are now available at Irish Legal Guide is a subscription website. A free no-credit card, once-off, one week trial is available to all users.

Future releases of Irish Legal Guide, which has been fully written, cover almost every area of Irish law and regulation. Over 700 draft articles from the Irish Legal Guide pipeline are available on the McMahon Legal Guide website at

Paul has written UK Law (An Irish Guide), which is a practical guide to doing business in the UK, primarily for Irish businesses and residents with UK interests. It is available at

Using his Irish and UK experience and writings, Paul has written and compiled Brexit (An Irish Guide) which contains over 600 articles on the risks and advantages of Brexit. It is available at