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Kathy O’Dwyer, Career Training Internships

Kathy O’Dwyer is a Cork-based Career Coach, Trainer, and the Founding Director of Career Training Internships. With a passion for supporting individuals in their professional endeavors, Kathy has established herself as a prominent figure in the career training field. Prior to establishing CTI, Kathy gained valuable experience as an employment advisor in corporate London. Seeking to enhance her expertise and ability to guide others, she pursued further training in Career Counselling at the University of East London.

Kathy later returned to Ireland, where she helped women return to the workplace. Barriers experienced by women in Ireland at that time, gave Kathy the vision to start her Au Pair agency and subsequently become one of the founding members of the International Au Pair Association (IAPA). Kathy has also previously served as President of Network Cork – Ireland which is one of the largest business networks for women in Ireland and is also a prior Chairperson of the Cork Branch of the Irish Institute of Training and Development – IITD.

Kathy’s commitment has been recognised through her Business All-Star Accreditation from the All-Ireland Business Foundation in 2018. Her exceptional contributions have also earned her nominations for esteemed awards, including the recent recognition of two nominations in the Network Cork – Businesswoman of the Year Awards 2023.

Kathy has a diverse range of expertise, including but not limited to, business mentorship & career guidance, supporting women returning to the workplace, providing career training for those facing barriers to employment, and business management.

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