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Karl Hutchinson, PLUGGED

Karl studied at Trinity College Dublin and has an MBA from the University of Chicago. He qualified as a solicitor later in life (2006), having worked in business for more than 15 years (the UK, America and Singapore). He is a partner with LawPlus Solicitors LLP and co-founder of PLUGGED, Ireland’s leading online legal platform for small business and accountants.

Karl is passionate about helping small business, start-ups and employers with all their legal stuff. He is all about demystifying the legal process and changing the legal business model to make legals more accessible and affordable for small business owners; and PLUGGED is championing that change. Karl works with small business owners to empower them to manage their day-to-day legal issues. And that’s why he developed PLUGGED… to make access to all your legal stuff easy and affordable and to help you deal with any legal issue your small business may have…at a price point that small business owners can afford.

The team in PLUGGED are business-savvy lawyers who believe that small is beautiful because as a small business ourselves they understand what it takes to be successful.