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Borrowing More Addictive Than Heroin

Thursday 9th October 2014
It seems we just love a ‘good borrow’. We can’t get enough of it, or some people can’t anyway. Having borrowed ourselves into one of greatest economic disasters ever recorded, it seems that some of us haven’t learnt our lesson and want to go on a borrowing binge again.
This morning’s call from the leftist think tank, the Nevin Institute, says the government ‘must’ borrow (nothing like a bit of left-wing democracy) to invest in social capital projects.
ISME has two very basic issues with this. First, as a near bankrupt State the chances of borrowing even more money is close to nil. In fact, our lenders want their money back and that’s what they’re telling Mr Noonan. (Because of economic mismanagement our lenders do have the power that the Nevin Institute doesn’t; to tell the government what to do). Those who bailed us out want to see more cuts until the State is no longer borrowing (c €600m a month at the moment) and starts paying back the billions and billions we already owe, a sensible attitude we would have thought.
But there’s a second thing that ISME members find bizarre. Why do leftists always want to create or continue a dependency culture? Addiction counsellors would refer to them as ‘enablers’, people who facilitate the supply of drugs to control those who are addicted. Enablers are an insidious bunch and should be scorned by society. In this case their drug of choice is money, borrowed by the State, used to keep people in financial bondage.
There’s nothing wrong with running a badly needed social housing programme but why is the Nevin Institute, and fellow travellers, not recommending that any spare billions are spent on investing in the SME sector, to get people back to work? This will give them the dignity of a wage and the ability to control their own lives, rather than depending on State hand-outs and being indirectly controlled by the State.
The mafia controls people by putting them under compliment for favours received. In the 1930’s, trades unions adopted these methods in France and Italy. And this thinking permeates the Left to this day. It leads to a culture of people expecting others to do things for them, instead of being truly liberated and having the opportunity to live a truly free life.
Now if Nevin was trying to be really radical why don’t they start running ‘Start your own business’ courses?