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April Coverage


The exit of KBC “moves us a step closer from an effective duopoly to an actual duopoly”, said Neil McDonnell, chief executive of business group ISME. Mr McDonnell said the State could extend its Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland to give loans directly from a small number of regional offices in Dublin and Cork and elsewhere and banks could be strengthened by legal reforms.

Restart Ireland

An upcoming ISME panel discussion will focus on plans to reopen businesses in Ireland and the ways in which businesses and customers can work together in order to be compliant.



“A lot of SMEs remain hugely challenged in the current environment, and it’s very hard to read how they will fare as restrictions are eased later this year…’


Vaccination Roll out

ISME has expressed concern at what they believe is a coordinated threats from a number of unions to “explore any and all options, up to and including industrial action” to seek priority above vaccine delivery on an age-related basis. “We have had to deal with similar requests from employer groupings in particular sectors among our own membership, but we have politely refused to entertain them,” says ISME. “To do otherwise would open a free-for-all, where Government is forced to deal with the loudest, most threatening groups, rather than those presenting the greatest clinical need.”


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