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24th – 28th June

ISME featured in the media


London, 24/06/19
Prosperity UK holds Alternative Arrangements Commission Conference in London, UK
ISME’s CEO Neil McDonnell was invited to speak at Prosperity UK’s Alternative Arrangements Commission discussing issues affecting North-South and East-West trade movement and the backstop.
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The Irish Times, 24/06/19
British group says common food and animal area could keep border open
A common food safety and animal health area covering Britain and Ireland could help to keep the Border open without the backstop after Brexit, a group of politicians, academics and trade experts has proposed.
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The Guardian, 24/06/19
Northern Ireland Brexit checks ‘would require full police support’
Full police support would be needed for officials if they tried to go into nationalist areas in Northern Ireland to do Brexit checks, one of the authors of a report on alternative arrangements to the Irish border backstop has been told.
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The Irish Times, 25/06/19
A new perjury law for chancers big and small 
It is both a mystery and a scandal that section 14 of the 2004 Civil Liability and Courts Act has not once been used to prosecute a fraudulent personal injuries claimant, despite hundreds of blatant examples.
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TheJournal.ie, 26/06/19
‘Employees will work smarter, not longer’: Is Ireland ready for a four-day working week?
TheJournal.ie introduce a new podcast Ireland 2029: Shaping Our Future, in the first episode they ask if Ireland is ready for a four-day working week?
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Newstalk, 27/06/19
ISME CEO Neil McDonnell discussed commercial rates with Vincent Wall Breakfast Business Show on Newstalk.
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Insurance reform in the media


The Irish Times, 28/06/19
Calls for end to ‘pain and suffering’ damages 
A leading insurance broker for small businesses has called on the Government to overhaul the current system for minor injuries awards, proposing that claimants are paid only medical costs and loss of earnings in a bid to deter “overly litigious” claimants.
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Checkout, 28/06/19
‘Completely Broken’ Insurance System A Big Concern for Irish Retailers
The insurance system for Irish business in this country is ‘completely broken’, and the need for systemic reform of the insurance industry in Ireland is now ‘acute’.
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Solicitor wins constructive dismissal award from law firm 
A law firm has been ordered to pay €27,650 in compensation to a solicitor, over her resignation which followed bullying and other inappropriate behaviour by the firm’s principal and his son.
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CSO shows longer commute correlates with higher earnings
Last week, the CSO published informative new statistics on the geography of earnings, highlighting regional income disparities, affordability and the likelihood of earning more if you cycle to work.
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Couple lose jobs as firm pulls back from UK market, redundancy not a “sham”
A decision to make a couple redundant following a decision to abandon a plan to build a presence in the UK/Northern Ireland was not an unfair dismissal, according to a new WRC ruling.
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