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The Employment Equality Acts, 1998 & 2004, make provision for the promotion of equality in relation to pay, conditions of employment, recruitment, and opportunities for promotion and training and deals with discrimination in the workplace.

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  • Types of Discrimination:
    For the purposes of the Employment Equality Acts, discrimination occurs where one-person is/has been or would be treated less favourably than another on one of 9 specific grounds, details of which are available here
  • Pay related Discrimination:
    An employee has a right to receive the same rate of remuneration as another person employed on like work by the same employer or an associated employer (comparator) in the same place.  This section defines “like-work” for the purpose of determining whether an employee is entitled to the same rate of pay as another.
  • Gender-Based Discrimination:
    This section looks at discrimination based on gender and outlines the manner in which such claims can be defended against
  • Harassment & Bullying in the workplace:
    The Employment Equality Acts 1998 & 2004 protects against harassment/sexual harassment in the workplace. The employer has a duty to provide an environment free of harassment (sexual or otherwise) as part of the conditions of employment.  This section examines Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace and provides a template policy for our members.