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Witness a Live Hack – How safe is your business? 13th November 2019

Witness a Live Hack – How safe is your business? 13th November 2019

The objective of the clinic:

This Live Hack workshop is aimed at generating awareness to Irish Business Owners on the threats that exist in the IT landscape in Ireland today. IT Security awareness is an essential part of your companies overall protection. There has been exponential growth in cyber security threats which can cause massive interruption to Irish businesses along with enormous financial, reputation and legal damage.

At this one morning business clinic learn how to protect your business from Cyber Threats, Cyber Extortion and Digital Loss.This Live Hack and IT Security workshop is designed to help Business Owners and their employees, provide a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of IT Security, and how important it is for Irish SME’s. 

Participants will gain an understanding of the cyber threat landscape in Ireland and the steps every SME should be taking in relation to measuring and managing cyber risk for their business.

Clinic Cost:

€30 for ISME Members / €40 non-members

Clinic Date, Location & Time

This clinic will take place in Dublin City Center on the 13th of November with doors opening at 07.30, for an 08.00 start. Breakfast, tea and coffee will be provided. This Business Clinics will conclude by 10.15am.

This clinic will be presented by cyber security expert, David Waldron from Radius Technologies.

Clinics Content:

  • Get to see a Live Demonstration of a Hack in progress
  • Understand the concepts behind IT Security and the typical threats to Irish SME’s
  • How to evaluate any weaknesses that persist within the business and measures to immediately act on to improve security
  • How employee awareness training can create a culture of safe security practices within your business
  • Get a good understanding of the types of threats that persist for Irish SME’s such as :
    • Social Engineering attacks such as Ransomware
    • Password Phishing Attacks
    • Invoice Re-Direction Scams
    • Social Media Threats
    • Man in the Middle Attacks
    • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Threats
    • Hacking Techniques used by Scammers i.e. People Hacking
  • Real-Life Case Studies of various types of attacks on Irish SME’s
  • Hear from an Irish SME Owner and the effects on his business from a Ransomware attack
  • Highlight best practices in relation to immediately becoming attaining a more secure SME environment
  • Next Steps to take to prevent such threats from occurring within your business
  • Hear from a Microsoft representative on the future landscape of IT & Security

Who is the Clinic for:

Any SME Owner or a representative from the accounts department as this is where a lot of scams are targeted.  

Learn more about our Business Clinic Series here.

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