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Transport Management Fundamentals

Transport Management Fundamentals


Find out how added value can be created in the control and movement of goods

Course Content

• Learn the strategic factors affecting the choice of a distribution network
• Compare in-house versus third party logistics service providers (3PLs)
• Understand security in transport activities
• Manage returns from customers and reverse logistics
• Learn about the concept of unit loads: pallets, roll cages, tote boxes
• Identify transport costs: fixed and variable
• Understand the key elements of designing transportation networks.
• Be able to conduct network analysis
• Learn about Distribution Modelling, simulation Operations research techniques, including queuing theory, decision trees; Distribution requirements planning (DRP); Logistics information systems (LIS); Order Management systems (OMS); Warehouse management systems (WMS); Transport Management systems (TMS).


This is a highly interactive and participative course with participants gaining a detailed understanding of Transport Management.

Target Audience

A practical and interactive workshop, the course is designed for staff involved in transport/logistics function within their organisations who are seeking an opportunity to develop, review or implement a transport system.

Dates and Venues

To Be Confirmed.


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