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Successful Business Writing and Email Etiquette

Successful Business Writing and Email Etiquette


The aim of the workshop is to help business owners and staff develop first-rate business etiquette when corresponding with customers using written communications such as letters and email.  Participants will learn the essential skills required to converse with customers in a professional and competent manner in order to portray a professional image, ensure customer satisfaction and build a reputable business.

Course Content

  • The essence of professional communications for a reputable business
  • Written communication – the essential communication tools for building customer relations
  • Know your audience and understand their needs – choose the right option to communicate
  • The importance of first impressions for influencing a customer
  • Define your objective, apply the right approach, style and structure to your writing
  • Apply essential business English – the correct use of language grammar, punctuation etc
  • Write clearly and persuasively to attract customers and maintain interest
  • Instil confidence with customers – write a professional and personalised letter
  • Generate slick and successful sales letters to win customers cost effectively
  • Email communications today – apply the appropriate behaviour for interacting with customers
  • Apply the right style, content and language to email communication
  • Keep emails relevant and easy to follow subjects, notifications and contact details
  • Maintain confidentiality when forwarding or copying emails, or sending attachments
  • The legal implications for email behaviour – libel, copyright, viruses and spam emails
  • Keep in touch with customers and build personalised on-going written communications

Learning Objectives

After completing the workshop, each participant will be able to:

  • Identify the most appropriate communications tool when writing to customers
  • Apply superb business etiquette for written communication and better business
  • Create relevant and structured letters & emails using the right content, style and approach
  • Apply highly developed business English for all non-verbal customer communications
  • Apply proper business etiquette in the use of language, punctuation and grammar
  • Write concise yet professional business letters to instil confidence with customers
  • Design clever and eye catching direct mail letters to grab the customers attention
  • Reply to customers courteously and professionally with the right tone and level of urgency
  • Manage email as an effective communications tool to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Keep emails relevant and easy to follow with related subjects, signatures & notifications
  • Show discretion when forwarding emails, copying readers or sending attachments
  • Follow company policies, avoid legal and copyright issues, viruses and spam emails
  • Build trust with customers by generating personalised business correspondence and emails


The training will take the form of a one-day workshop, with group discussions, feedback and exercises based on individual/group needs. Each participant will receive a workshop manual.

Target Audience

A practical and interactive one-day workshop, the course is designed owner managers and staff, who communicate with customers daily using written communications and email – includes all staff such as owners, customer service, administration, reception, sales, accounts, order processing amongst others.

Dates and Venues

  • 29th November 2018. 9:30am – 5:00pm, Lis Cara Business Centre, Fitzwilliam Square West, Dublin 2.


One Day Course. ISME Members: €230, Non Members: €325

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