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Protecting Your Business from Cyber Attacks

Protecting Your Business from Cyber Attacks


This Cyber Security course is designed to help Business Owners and those in Management positions, provide a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of cyber security, and how important it is for Irish SME’s. This programme is designed to assist SME’s understand the types of Fraud/Hacking/Scamming activities that are taking place on a daily basis throughout Ireland today.

This interactive workshop is designed to give SME’s a better understanding of the types of modern day security threats that lead to financial loss, data loss, potential fines for data leakage and/or negative PR implications. The ideal workshop candidate is a business professional who is seeking to learn more about the area of Cyber security and act as a Champion within the business to educate and implement simple security measures to avoid any disruption or financial loss for the business.

Participants will gain an understanding of the cyber threat landscape in Ireland and the steps every SME should be taking in relation to measuring and managing cyber risk for their business.

Course Content

  • Understand the concepts behind Cyber Security and the typical threats to SME’s
  • How to evaluate any weaknesses that persist within the business and measures to immediately act on to improve security
  • Get a good understanding of the types of threats that persist for Irish SME’s such as :
    • Social Engineering attacks such as Ransomware
    • Password Phishing Attacks
    • Invoice Re-Direction Scams
    • Social Media Threats
    • Man in the Middle Attacks
    • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Threats
    • Hacking Techniques used by Scammers
  • Real-Life Case Studies of various types of attacks on Irish SME’s
  • Highlight best practices in relation to immediately becoming attaining a more secure SME environment
  • Next Steps to take to prevent such threats from occurring within your business


The methodology to be used during the workshop includes group work, individual tasks, simulation exercises, with a strong emphasis on the practical steps required to best secure a business against threats such as Ransomware, Invoice Re-Direction,Man in the Middle Attacks and various other threats. This course is extremely interactive, and is NON TECHNICAL, providing participants with the opportunity to educate their colleagues on best security practices and the modern day threats that exist in Ireland today.

Target Audience

Any SME Owner or Business Champion(Someone in Accounts may be best as this is where a lot of scams are targeted) who is willing to become educated and in turn educate their colleagues on the Cyber Threats that exist for Irish SME’s.

Dates and Venues

  • 7th November 2018, ISME Offices, Dublin 2. 9:30am – 5:00pm


One day course: €230 ISME Members, €325 Non Members.

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