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Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

Finance for Non-Finance Professionals


This course has been designed to help learners understand Financial information, budgets and accounts by:
Reading accounts and understanding Financial issues
• Understanding how their day-to-day decisions impact proKt and cash-Low
• Reviewing Knancial information relating to the business
• Managing the budgeting process
• Understanding the importance of good credit management

Course Content

Topic 1: The Nature and Purpose of Accounting

• A simple model of your organisation’s accounting framework
• Who uses the accounts and what do they use them for?

Topic 2:  Profit & Loss Accounts, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements

• Structure and terminology, what they tell us and why they need to be reviewed
• Using Financial information as a management tool
• Understanding how operational income and costs are accounted for

Topic 3: Managing Finance

• Understanding working capital: What it is? How can we manage it?
• The distinction between proKt and cash Low
• Considering sources of funding
• Putting together a robust budget

Topic 4: Credit Management
• Understanding the need for credit
• Reducing the risk of bad debts
• Determining “Can’t Pay” versus “Won’t Pay”
• Types of customers – Willing and Able/Unwilling but Able etc.
• Problem Solving – working towards resolving the debt, creating urgency, getting commitment


Classroom Study

Our slide presentations contain a mixture of text, graphics, videos and photography to keep our presentations fresh.
Group Discussions

Group Discussion is encouraged throughout the session to allow learners to share their experiences on similar issues.

Includes Case Studies, Role Plays, and Learning Games etc. As much as possible we try to make all exercises relevant.

Target Audience

This course is suitable for individuals who are not from an accounting or Financial background and who are hoping to de-mystify financial information and how it applies to their role.

Dates and Venues

12 September 2018. 9:30am – 5:00pm, Dublin.

Venue to be confirmed.


One day course: €230 ISME Members, €325 Non Members.

Booking Essential

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