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Effective Time Management – Getting Your Balance Right

Effective Time Management – Getting Your Balance Right


This workshop is designed to help you identify opportunities for time-management effectiveness and illustrates how better management of time can help you optimise yours & your teams performance.

It will support you to deliver a range of positive benefits in how you work and how best to impact your businesses success while supporting its sustainability.


Course Content:

Through engaging and thought-provoking exercises participants will explore ways to organise, prioritise and manage competing priorities and make informed decisions in relation to  work / life management.


Learning Objectives:

  • Time Management Style Identify your Time Management Style
  • Time Audit / Prioritising Identify and remedy time barriers
  • Self Awareness Identify areas you need upskilling
  • Reality Check Stakeholder Assessment 
  • Goal Setting Effective Planning Tools
  • Reflective Practice Continuous Monitoring 
  • 3P’s Managing conflicting priorities
  • Accountability Contracting Commitment to positive Change



This workshop will take place on zoom and includes open training & discussions, break out rooms, individual tasks & simulation exercises – drawn from participants lived experiences. This course is extremely interactive & supportive providing participants with the opportunity to hone and test their skills. It is designed to be implemented into practice in real time. 


Target Audience:

Any SME who wishes to better manage their time and stress levels to experience a more satisfactory work / life balance.


Dates and Venues:

Wednesdays 10th May 10.00-13.00 and 14.00-17.00



One day course €65 ISME Members, €75 Non Members


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