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Tanya Thompson, Sluamor

Tanya is a driven business leader with a wide range of corporate technology and business management experience at senior levels in Ireland and Jamaica, where she lived prior to moving to Dublin. Tanya’s hallmark throughout her career has been producing excellent, creative solutions, and driving plans forward to successful implementation.

Tanya is the CTO of, which is a two-sided online platform that SMEs can use to easily find and engage with suppliers, and identify sales leads where they’re likely to win new B2B contracts. She’s also a founder of, a property based start-up, and currently an Adjunct Lecturer in TU Dublin supporting students within the School of Computer Science.

Although Tanya is Dublin-based, she’s strong connections to Galway, the home of her Irish in-laws, who’ve given her a great appreciation of Gaelic football, hurling and camogie.